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As with most of the businesses listed in our Connections page, Texas Wedding Connection began as a concept. An idea that stemmed from...

clients asking me if I knew of any good decorators, wedding cake designers, DJ's, photographers, etc. My name is Dexter and I have been a professional mobile DJ since 1988. In the many years of performing to thousands of people in Texas, I have been very fortunate to have met countless wedding and special vendors: some were great, some needed some polishing up. Nonetheless, their stories mirror my experiences in the field of catering and pampering the needs of our clients, YOU!

All advertisers on this site are professionals in the Special Events industry and many started off as past employees or hobbyists of their trade. Each company owner is passionate about their trade and is willing to go above and beyond their clients' expectations.

Ask for references

Take the time to look through your choices. Do interviews with each one until you find The Right One for your needs. Ask for references. Ask for references. Ask other vendors, friends and family members if they can recommend someone for you. Regardless of who you find, ask for references. (It's not a typo. I purposely put "Ask for references" twice)

Vendor Pricing

Vendors are proud of their services and are eager to earn your business. Keep in mind the more you ask, the higher the prices could go up. Price quotes from vendors should reflect their years of experience including the frequency of work they do every month. This is very important because a vendor may have started ten years ago but only do ten events per year. I would pay higher for someone who does special events regularly. Be weary of new vendors who charge the same as the veterans. Ask why they charge the same if they are just getting started. After all, you are paying for their services and have the right to ask.

Professionalism and Work Ethics

Ask around about the reputation of each vendor as a professional. Are they friendly? Are they easy to work with? Are they accessible and respond to your calls or messages in a timely manner? Tally the amount of positive feedback you may have heard about them from other sources.

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